(LG)Large Desktop > 1200

(MD)Medium dektop 992-1200

(SM)Tablet 768-992

(XS)Phone < 768

electronic Security

Cabling :
  • Laying overhead and underground cables for outdoor implementations
  • Indoor cabling for all kinds of applications.
  • We provide cctv solutions for indoor and outdoor deployments.
  • We are adept at deploying CCTV in adverse climatic conditions with expertise in handling power problems and signal disturbance.
  • We also design and implement wireless CCTV systems where cabling is not possible.
  • Custom integrations and software for CCTV data archiving.
  • Video encryption for sensitive video transfer over internet
Access Control :
  • Access control systems for high security applications like retina scanners , hand geometry readers etc.
  • Multilevel security by deployment of various biometric systems in tandem .
  • Custom software and migration tools to capture attendance data
  • Integration of access control systems with other systems like Fire Detection, Intrusion Detection, CCTV etc
  • We can integrate digital identification systems with physical barriers like turnstiles , boom barriers , parking gates etc.
Fire Systems :
  • Our fire detections systems range from conventional Smoke/ Heat detectors to Aspiration and Infrared beam detections systems.

Internet Of Things

With the emergence of intelligent small computing devices we can make any device that was earlier incapable of processing and transmitting data into a computer that can compute and take intelligent decisions.

Software Development

  • Software & Web Application development for the cloud and mobile devices
  • Device applications and software for IOT devices
  • Development on various platforms and technologies