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“Integration” is an often misused term which can mean all things to all people. When we embark on an integration discussion we set out to explore its full context - whether this is within a client conversation, a manufacturer’s data sheet or a consultant’s specification. Our experience in delivering integrated solutions has taught us how to avoid many of the errors that are likely to be encountered and from this we have a number of methods for minimising any risk and to increase system performance for multi-technology systems. The approach we take to technology selection extends to our own training and accreditation strategy. We will always attain the highest level of accreditation with our major supply partners, allowing us in-depth product knowledge that better supports the integration requests from our customers.

Here’s a quick summary of some of the considerations we make in our technology selection:

  • Physical connectivity
  • Software integration tools
  • Feature transparency through systems interfaces
  • Manufacturer support of open/industry standards
  • Manufacturer approach to hardware/firmware/software modifications, notifications and release
  • Product life cycle services, particularly end-of-life considerations


Access control technologies provide many capabilities beyond the securing and releasing of controlled doors. These systems now provide the potential for centralised control of global real estate with dual-redundant servers and complex SQL reporting tools. We can also go further and integrate HR systems, Safety Management, IDS and video into a single platform. System selection is crucial, and equally crucial is the method of deployment and the on-going support, maximising the return on what can be a significant investment. With proven experience in system migration and integration our methodologies ensure smooth transition and maximum system availability.


Video surveillance is achieved with a widely understood set of technologies. Our expertise lies in the deployment of cameras, viewing, recording and analytics technologies in a wide range of applications and environmental conditions. The market for these technologies moves rapidly with the manufacturers regularly“leap-frogging” each other in terms of features, performance and price. With many hundreds of manufacturers to choose from our sound knowledge of the core technologies is an essential part in the assistance we provide our customers in selecting the right products:

  • Cameras
  • Network Video Recording software
  • IP Network
  • Servers
  • Analytics
  • Video Management Systems

Whilst we bring these elements together into a seamless video solution we also investigate other technology integrations which enable our clients to better underpin their security policies. The use of video to trigger events, or events to trigger video are powerful tools for improving security efficiency and performance.

intrusion alarm

Your intruder alarm system can be connected within your own security control centre systems, through to a remote monitoring centre – or both. Our NSI Gold accreditation provides independent validation for the quality and complexity of alarm systems that our team can put in place and support. When integrated with your other CCTV and Access Control Systems we can ensure that your security team are presented with the right situational information to best manage incidents within and around your facilities.

We specialise in the deployment and support of security technology, so we’ve chosen to partner with a small, select number of monitoring companies. These firms have excellent credentials and are fully accredited. As with all service offerings they each have their own unique capabilities and we’ll match your requirements to the partner with the best fit.


Fire, Safety and Security are the three most often aligned elements within Corporate and Government Risk policies. Our technology solutions use best-of-breed product to implement fully approved Fire systems within these frameworks. As a specialist technology area we treat Fire as a discrete skill set. Our philosophy is to attain the highest level accreditations in our chosen fields - this discipline is no different in this respect. Having this in-depth knowledge at their disposal our customers benefit from our impartial advice on systems integration, connectivity, front end systems and required service regimes.

We’ve seen the costs of combined deployment of technologies create additional value to our customers through reduced installation and project management activities. Over-riding this though has been the knowledge they have within their control a complete end-to-end system that satisfies their Risk profile.


Many security policies require an early deterrent, in the form of a perimeter, to be established. Technology selection alongside the form of perimeter created will always provide the best option for creating the correct level of protection. This can provide for all types of wall and fence as well as open, natural perimeters that can be created.

Our perimeter management portfolio includes CCTV, thermal cameras, video analytics, sensor wires for fence and underground, IR sensors, lighting options. Our main considerations in this area of our expertise cover:

  • A definition of the events and reactions they initiate
  • Integration of detection systems with other platforms
  • Determination of the potential for false alarms and designing for low alarm rates


Physical controls for access provide a defined and managed entry process for enhanced security. The integration of turnstiles, speed gates and barriers within a security system will ensure that entry and exit transactions are recorded and can be well controlled.

We work with many of the leading providers of these products and ensure that they enhance the integrity of our clients' required security controls. When undertaking the civils and mechanical installation activities for such products we will engage directly with the manufacturer or a specialist sub-contractor in order to complete the works. The support of these integrated products forms a standard part of our service structure through back-to-back agreements for preventative maintenance visits and reactive calls.