(LG)Large Desktop > 1200

(MD)Medium dektop 992-1200

(SM)Tablet 768-992

(XS)Phone < 768


That sums us up, in a nutshell. And it is this love that keeps us going when the going gets tough. We, at Sognare, treat our technology like it's art.Art, which is a product of inspired creative thinking.

From the beginning, we have lived by the principle of building and implementing great ideas that drive progress for clients and enhance and protect assets through innovative solutions. We are a company focused on bringing to life great ideas and enterprise solutions that drive progress for our clients.


We sendeavour to be the leaders in the field of electronic security systems and master the art of securing your assets and dear ones. We offer a unique range of solutions and product integrations to keep your home & business alive and kicking at all times. Our team is intensively engaged in finding the best of technological solutions for ensuring a safer environment at your work or home. Our customer driven agendas and agility makes us a strong, reliable and efficient security partner.

We are committed to providing safety to customers by consistently developing and delivering new technology with innovative products and one-stop solutions.

We deliver comprehensive security solutions to our customers under one roof, helping them save both time and money. Over the years, we have emerged as a reliable one-stop security solutions providers.


Our fleet management & alert system enables the fleet manager to track, view and manage their fleet. The sytems is integrated with a innovative passenger alert system through which the fleet manager can automate alerts to passengers, through missed calls, about the vehicle’s arrival at their stop. The system enables the fleet manager to ensure safety of their fleet and passengers and to prevent misuse of their vehicles.


We have over 10 years proven success in delivering quality bespoke data driven software solutions and professional IT services for our clients across all market sectors. We have the knowledge and experience to understand your business needs, and to develop the high quality software solutions that will transform your business operations.

Our clients trust us to deliver solutions that we have identified as being right for them. Our experience enables us to identify the key factors that will ensure successful project delivery, and just as importantly, identify potential problems that may affect the success of the project. We then offer solutions that are right for the client and their circumstances.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction

A thing, in the Internet of Things, can be a person with a heart monitor implant, a farm animal with a biochip transponder, an automobile that has built-in sensors to alert the driver when tire pressure is low -- or any other natural or man-made object that can be assigned an IP address and provided with the ability to transfer data over a network.