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We are proud of the CCTV system consisting of 60 cameras we have installed and continue to maintain for the past 6 years in a remote location beyond lonavala. Our first challenge was to cope with an ever-changing site map with civil work being carried out everywhere. We also had to deal with heavy electrical fluctuation which is dreaded by video professionals. We were posed with implementations where we had to imagine all the things that could go wrong before adding a single new camera to the system. We had to cover a huge area of land which we achieved by combining moving and stationary analog cameras which are fault tolerant. The weather also posed brutal challenges in terms of damage to equipment and power lines malfunctioning more than usual during the rainy season. We have been on our toes to keep the system in top performance condition by promptly repairing/replacing equipment.

Challenges and solutions
  • Power Fluctuation
    • We installed voltage stabilizers with high range input to manage the output voltage. These were installed centrally and locally depending on the distance and gauge of the power cable run.
    • We installed UPSs for the recorders and critical cameras to keep them working continuously.
    • We calculated load distribution on each phase in a multi phase line to eradicate voltage drop in our systems
  • Video Disturbance
    • There were many video clarity issues even after stabilizing voltage to a considerable extent. These problems were due to earthing issues and magnetic interference caused by high tension lines.
    • We installed video telemetry devices and ground loop filters to ensure video clarity over long cable runs. Capacitive filters were also used to reduce noise in the video signal
  • Onsite Troubleshooting
    Onsite engineering team was given extensive training to provide immediate troubleshooting in case of any emergency until our support team reaches site.
  • Video transmission over Internet
    We analyzed the bandwidth available and tuned the video resolution and frame rate of all the transmission devices to ensure proper video streaming to the HO of the client.

Attendance System

The installation was carried out at a client site in Pune where the challenge was to eradicate proxy attendance of employees. The client wanted a biometric solution but he had already tried Fingerprint systems which failed because the hands of the workers were always soiled and fingerprints cannot be read by conventional means when the fingers are soiled.

Face recognition which failed because the lighting and angle of positioning the face greatly influenced the accuracy of the reader. Furthermore, face shape is not considered very unique in the biometric identification systems.

We came up with a unique hand geometry system that reads the shape of the hand. This is used in high security areas because of the reliability. We implemented this system and designed custom software using the sdk provided by the manufacturer to download attendance logs over the internet, store logs in a database, generate reports required by the client and help in payroll generation. This system has been functional for the past 4 years and has been successfully generating payroll data.

Software Development

One of a clients had a chain of retail outlets across India. He was faced with a problem of managing billing computers centrally from the HO in Mumbai. These computers were being misused for playing music, videos and downloading malware infested content from the Internet. Having a local IT partner at each location was expensive and sending staff from the HO was becoming a frequent occurrence. All these locations were not on the internet so remote support was impossible. We were approached with this problem.

We designed an application that was installed on all the billing computers and this application would only allow users to access applications that they had permissions for. For eg.

  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS Outlook
  • ERP System
  • Shutdown/Reboot PC
  • Get remote support (When internet was available)

This application has a unique feature where any authorized support person could get full access to the computer after typing in a password. This password could be modified by downloading and replacing a config file generated from the HO. We used md5 encryption to encrypt the config file so that no one could hack into the system

This system helped save constant visits to various locations thus saving costs.